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Housing Counseling Coach – Full time

Please apply or send inquiries to the email We do not take application inquiries via phone.

Seeking qualified HUD housing counselor to work from home assisting clients in their housing counseling needs. This is a fully remote position and, given our current situation, you will train from home too. Hours are somewhat flexible- with shifts ranging from 8am-6pm, 9-7pm or 10-8pm (40 hour work weeks).

Will perform one-on–one housing coaching to non-qualified and/or low credit score applicants in order to help them become qualified borrowers.

Training will start immediately after hire and will take approximately two weeks depending on experience. Must have a direct link to your router, and the employer provides all equipment.

Employer offers health insurance and will discuss other benefits at the interview.

Primary Duties include:

  • Gathers information from the client and assesses the best way possible to help make solid decisions concerning the requirements for buying a home
  • Creates case or client files containing personal and financial information to determine the status of a homeowner
  • Develops an action plan that identifies the needs/goals, the steps necessary to meet the goals, and the timeframes
  • Assists clients to review spending habits and budget appropriately
  • Provides adequate documented follow-up
  • Ensure client files are closed timely and in accordance with established procedures